In the year 2000 I partook in a forum-based interview, where users of the most popular CS mapping forum at the time flooded me with important questions to answer. I gathered the easiest hundred, and answered them.

So here they are, in their entirety, complete with obscure in-jokes, references, spelling mistakes, badly-concealed ego, and ‘humour’.

50 Questions

1. Euro*Brew asks: Dave, why are you so damn sexy?

Don’t anyone dare underestimate the nutritional value of smarties. Eat a few packets of these a day, and you’ll develop the powerful build I boast today. The carbohydrates, chocolate, and the milk content help build up big, big, big healthy and strong bones.

2. -[FLETCH]- asks: will dust stop sucking in 6.5, cause if my entire terrorist team gets rushed back into their own base again i am gonna find you and hurt you.

The Dust to feature in 6.5 has various changes (you’ll notice I’m beginning to lack ideas… all these changes are a result of crates) in order to make it easier on the Terrorist’s. Whether or not it’ll go more onto the T’s benefit, or actually balance the map again as it was in B4 will remain to be seen. /me has his fingers crossed.

Also, myself and MacMan have implanted special images into the textures which are usually invisible to the casual viewer. However, these images subconsciously make you perform better at the map if you happen to be eating smarties, or have eaten smarties immediately prior to playing the map.

3. Questionable_Ethics asks: Can you make escape not suck?

Escape maps only suck cos everyone always crowds the CT side and buy PARA’s. I know that due to the influence of smarties on Gooseman’s development cycle, B6.5 will help balance the gameplay by making the escaping party more efficient in their run to the exit. In effect, they’ll become mean killing machines.

4. Euro*Brew asks: I thought you were working on a new version of cs_tire. Is it true and if so, where can i get it?

I just made a reply to that other post where you mentioned you couldn’t find it on my page… anyhow, yah, I’ve got a new version of cs_tire which has various changes, and I am planning to release in both night and daytime versions (since I can’t decide which one will play better). If enough people want me to release it, I’ll finish off the last few bits, and release it on my website.

Neither revisions of cs_tire feature smarties, unfortunately.

5. DonOfThaDead asks: can i interview you for my clans site?

I’ve done so many interviews in the past few weeks I’ve decided to take a break for the moment. Besides, this method is so much more fun. Unless, of course, you feel you can bribe me with smarties.

6. Raynor asks: Is there a chance that Tire will return in future betas?

It may, depends how well the maps in 6.5 go, and how the map turnout looks for BETA 7

7. DonOfThaDead asks: What would you say to people who are new to mapping and want to lear how to map?

Go play through Half-Life and pay no attention to the gripping storyline, ‘useful’ scientists, creative monsters and all round awesome game. No, look at the level design, see how the maps were made, and what makes them special. Notice the lighting, the texture usage, the lack of smarties, the ability of some of the entities, monster placement, ammo supplies, and ignore the coke machines. Then, get Worldcraft, find some of the good tutorials on the net, such as on Anarchy Design, and be inspired by the professionals.


I’M ON THESE FORUMS COS I’M WAITING FOR B6.5 TO BE RELEASED AND TO SEE HOW COBBLE PLAYS IN A REAL PLAYER ENVIRONMENT. And also, I can’t be bothered to start optimising one of my ETC2 maps yet (the one featured on my page, the outside shot).

9. DonOfThaDead asks: what do you use to map with wc quark etc?

I use Worldcraft 3.3- Uhh, I mean, whats the last public release of WC? 2.1? Oh yes. Yes, I use that, along with my special smarties plugin (which required a lot of work considering WC won’t take plugins…)

10. DonOfThaDead asks: one more question, HOW DO I MAKE A BRUSH GIVE OUT LIGHT WITHOUT PUTTING A LIGHT ENTITY? i have asked this question and no one answered.

Make sure the .rad file is in the same directory as qrad/hlrad. Then open it up in notepad, and use any of the textures listed as lights… only these textures emit light.

11. Mr_Deth asks: Are those special smarties of yours? If yes, where can I get them? Or average store-bought smarties?

You can buy smarties from any confectionary strore. What makes them special though is to remain a secret.

12. Mr_Deth asks: Will smarties make me sexy?

Smarties have different effects on different people. They’ll make some people hideously ugly, and others as attractive as Mach5’s baby (either way you lose)

13. DaNose asks: Where, when and how did this rather strange addiction to smarties happen?? And is it compulsory for official mappers??

The smarties are a compulsory part of my diet ever since BETA 6. You can see one of the damaging effects smarties can have on your face by looking in the crate near the unblocked arch at the CT start in Dust.

14. Sneekysneed asks: DaveJ, did you have a feel for the Dust theme BEFORE you started mapping? Or did you suddenly decide, “Hmm…I want a…yes, a desert theme for this map.”

I only decided on the desert theme after seeing those early TF2 shots (which the chopper, tank). I really wanted to make a map like that, and so I use those shots as a basis for a map, which turned out to be Dust.

15. Euro*Brew asks: Did you know your birthday is on the same day as my brother N0TH1NG? He’s a year older than you.

Yeah, I discovered that earlier this year when I had an ICQ chat with him. I think we both did an interview about that time and I had noticed the same thing…

16. Euro*Brew asks: Ever thought about joining the army? Because i know how much you computer people need discipline.

Join the army? I don’t need discipline. No, that’s just absurd Brew! Whatever made you come up with such a stupid quesiton? Bwahahahaha. Ahem.

17. Euro*Brew asks: Ok dave. Navy?

Hmm. I’m still not convinced…

18. Euro*Brew asks: Are you dating anyone or do I still have a shot with you. Most of my acne’s gone and im only 55 pounds overweight now.

Noo, I’m not going out with anyone. I blew all my money on smarties, and we all know that women only go out with you for money (joke… I have no intention to be sexist).

But, really Brew. I’m just appalled by your behaviour. I mean, bah. Just get a sheep for christ’s sake. I believe there are a few down in Wales…

19. Cadaver asks: Do your real life friends know about your online life as a mapping superstar? Or would they point and laugh if they knew?

I know a few of my friends did find it funny that I was ‘sad’ enough to make maps for games. But then, when they realise its actually something requiring skill and time, like an art (which it is, especially with Q3A)… something PRODUCTIVE did they realise it’s actually quite cool. One of my friends, who doesn’t actually play games much at all, keeps asking me to teach him how to map. Of course, the fact that they know about my bank balance kinda made them consider map designing could be seen as a real career.

Only a few though know about the success of Dust. Most of my friends think I’ve released like one map that a few hundred people have played in the past few months. Only a couple realise that it is as popular as it is (most played map in the world in the past few weeks, allegedly).

20. Cadaver asks: Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and laugh maniacally at the though of all the dosh you’ll be rolling about in if dust, tire, cobble and your new AS map all happened to get into CS v1?

Oh, I do, I do. I cashed a cheque last week in fact for Dust.

21. Ferrett asks: What are your stands on people editing your map cs_tire? And could you please! PLEASE! make a deathmatch style of cs_tire. I LOVE THAT LEVEL!

Seeing as people can’t actually edit the map without the .rmf, or decompiling it, then I don’t mind :)

I like keeping my sources close to me, I’ve seen what happens when the source to maps get out in Quake I and II… a real mess. Doom even - remember all those maps which were basically E1M1 with more barrels? Oh dear lord.

DM cs_tire… or even, dmtire.bsp… I can’t actually see it being a good DM map without the addition of various routes, similar to the very first version I sent to cliffe. It could be done I guess, but there are many better DM maps out there. I’ll see.

22. DarkAssassin asks: Will smarties make me a super l33t mappah? Whose mad sexier, me or brew… we all know how mad sexy you are though.

Why, OF COURSE Smarties make you a better 1337 mapper… but as the for the second quesiton, I couldn’t possibly comment.

23. ProdigyFox asks: Your British right? But I never see you playing on the Gameplay servers (although you use alias’s), so im asking have you ever played on the Gameplay servers or are you a BarrysWorld gimp?

Yeah, I’m British, and in the past few weeks my main servers of residence are Barrysworld, since I get sub-100 pings It’s also only on BW that I use ‘DaveJ’ as my handle.

24. ProdigyFox asks: ETC is my all time fav SP map for HL, what are u planning for ETC2?

In ETC2, I’m planning to reveal the whole reason for your little trip in ETC… I might even get a few new weapons in there too, perhaps a few new monsters.

  1. ProdigyFox - ‘GIANT SMARTIES’, miracle or pointless?

Giant smarties are for Giant people. Miracle, obviously.

26. ProdigyFox asks: Can you say what companies have offered you jobs?

I can’t actually remember the names of all of them, and the ones I can remember I’d probably best not mention (it seems ‘right’ not to mention names)

27. Questionable_Ethics - Will you ever get rid of the Hallway of Pointlessness?? [He speaks of the hallway to the left of the CT start, with the square hole in the ceiling asks: Dave]

As Mono says, that hallway has its purpose. I know for one that David Sawyer (TFC entity God at Valve, creator of canalzone) likes that little hallway. It’s a great use when trying to get to the bomb site there, and prevents CT’s just camping that area, since there is a backroute too.

28. Ferrett asks: davej, can you just attempt to make a dm variant to cs_tire. I really enjoy that level, and I truly think that it would work if the idea was given attention. And what do you mean you can’t decompile yor map?

cs_tire was/is a CounterStrike map. CounterStrike is a teamplay game - not a deathmatch one. Even if it was pt to DM, I like to keep my maps realistic, and thatwould limit it to real weapons like shotguns and MP5’s… no Egon’s or anything.

Look, lemme keep it CS, ok?

I’m not saying it’s not possiblt to decompile the .bsp, it just ain’t a good idea. I don’t need to anyway… I’ve got the source.

29. iamsauce asks: Why don’t you remake Tire at night and make it as some how…like the president was visiting the residents and they were evacuated or something. Or, I’ll change it for you with my l33t h@x0ring sk1llz

I already have converted cs_tire to night. In fact, the .rmf I have cs_tire kept in has a special visgroup, where when visible, I just compile and the map is night. I’ve made some inside changes to the map that should make it more balanced.

30. [gen]Deathscout asks: How are you ?

I’m fine. How are you?

31. Zaphod_Beeblebrox asks: here’s one for you dave, how do you like my signature? Be honest please . . . I can take it. /me cringes and curls up into a fetal position

It looks like yuo’ve been playing with PSP and layersd, but instead of just saving it, you took a screenshot so you got the check-pattern as well. Still, nice bit of green in there… much betterf than some I have seen

32. FatboyTim asks: What do you think of the various ‘Smartie wannabes’ out there like M&Ms and Minstrels?

I’m sure I answered this before… oh well, competition is good since it makes Smarties cheaper

33. FatboyTim asks: Do you have any plans in the works for some CS maps for future release?

Well, check out my page and you’ll see a few of the plans I have.

34. FatboyTim asks: Are you related to that old holgraphic guy that has devoted his whole life to searching for the Rowntree?

I’m not sure I am, although, I haven’t checked with my doctor recently.

35. Mazy asks: Are your smarties magical, or are they normal. I normally puke after eaten about 10 smarties?

My Smarties are only magical if I called in Ferret the Fairy to magicalise them.

36. Mazy asks: how are Y-O-U, dave?


37. Lestat asks: someone needs to make me a cool sig… cause i gotz null mad haxorz graphiks skillz…

That a request? Go on someone! Go!

38. Lestat asks: davej, is it true that in 3ng14nd that thunder comes before lightning? (shameless poke at n@rby and his lil aztec beta screw up… hehe)

Well, in N@rby’s defense, only us Brits know what happens, and it’s to remain a secret. What N@rby is actually doing in Aztec is being prophetic about the future, insisting that one day it will be proved that light really does travel slower than sound. Or summink.

39. Kawe asks: How many smarties do you consume per hour?

I’m sure I answered that question too… but apparently not. Oh well. The total number deviates according to the colour/taste distribution.

40. Lestat asks: hey, email me castle….

Ooh, be patient little boy

41. Mazy asks: Do you sell the magical smarties, i think that theres are black market in magical smarties

That question doesn’t make grammatical sense, so I’ll just disagree.

42. tackerrainey asks: DaveJ how about my sig??

It’s lovely.

43. Senor_Pepe asks: What is the Meaning of Life?

As Lestat revealed, 42 is indeed the answer to life, thereby agreeing with Douglas Adams - we all confirm the same thing, so therefore, it MUST be true.

44. Mazy asks: can i use those textures (cobble) in my next map?

You may use the textures in your map provided you give credit to MacMan in the .txt file.

45. ]v[adDawg asks: Will making pimp maps like you do(Dust, Tire, Cobble) make me a pimp too?

Perhaps. You’ll have to ask pimp-master Gitbgff about that though.

46. Euro*Brew asks: I dont know if I asked this before Dave, but have you ever thought about being a professional model? I mean, you are the sexiest S.O.B. I have ever seen.

Hmm. Speechless. Smarties. Yumm.

47. Kawe asks: Who is your best friend in the mapping community?

Depends what you call mapping community… probably autolycus, or maybe gitbgff, or MacMan… it changes with the tide.

48. Cadaver asks: Have you ever thought about mapping for other HL mods?

Yes I have, thanks.

49. Mazy asks: What mapping tool/editor are you using?

Worldcraft 3.3

50. Alf-Life asks: Did you intend to make Cobble as a pseudo-sequel, and are you happy that the gameplay is “deathmatch-esque” like Dust?

I intended Cobble to be very ‘Dusty’ in its design and style, and I think I kinda accomplished it. When I started working on the T start area, I felt I was working on Dust, and that was a really weird feeling… but it’s what I wanted.

51. Alf-Life asks: Sorry, that last one sounded like an exam question… Er… question 52, 52….er, why aren’t the forums working now?

Since DM maps are meant to sprawl everywhere, with choke points mostly near powerful items and/or weapons, it’s a mix of the two. I’d agree mostly that it is a choke-point style map.

52. Alf-Life asks: Sorry, that last one sounded like an exam question… Er… question 52, 52….er, why aren’t the forums working now?

The forums haven’t ever worked since cliffe soiled his drawstring pants. His mummy wasn’t too proud… and the rest is hosting history.

53. Alf-Life asks: How did you get to be bum-chums with Macman? And who is the enigma that is MacMan? Does he only texture for proven mappers whose maps are going official?

I met MacMan after I was talking to cliffe about plans for my new map, which at that time, was Dust. He put us both in contact, and everything has gone from there. I would reveal more about him, but I think it’d probably sound better coming from him. What I will say is that he’s one of the many talented individuals working on Red Alert 2 for Westwood, and he plays a major role in the artistic direction.

MacMan only works with mappers who have a good track record, and he can trust not to waste his time on textures that they never used. At least, that’s what I think.

54. Mazy asks: Now i remember, you made ETC! Totally cool singleplayer pack! What you like best, mapping SinglePlayer, or MultiPlayer? And how long did it take you to complete the hole thing?

SP and MP are different things entirely… there are aspects about SP production I really love, like being able to plan the situation the player is put in, instead of assuming they will be in a certain position as in a MP map. If it wasn’t for CS, I’d probably much prefer SP mapping.

ETC took me a while to complete… I really can’t remember but it was probably 6months, with a LONG period of doing nothing somewhere in there, and most of it done on really boring afternoons… after school etc.

55. G_Postal asks: how do you get a box or any brush really to bob up and down? like its floating on water?

You could use a func_train with path_corners.

56. Jonnagon asks: What do you think is an optimal size for an official CS map? (hostage rescue and detonation)

An optimal size… hmm, depends on the map layout. I mean, you could have a huge map with twists and turns, alleys, vents everwhere, and it could occupy the same space as a map with much simpler gameflow. The latter would most probably play better too, and be more popular (since it’s simple, and requires you to learn little - see Brew’s thread about this matter).

57. Jonnagon asks: How do you feel about the anti-crate crusade? I feel you use crates effectively in your maps, but some say they have no place in level design anymore.

Well, if we had no crates, how boring would maps be? Stalkyard - without crates, would be a series of empty rooms, weapons and ammo lying on the floor, seemingly randomly. Dust would feel completely empty, sicne the T’s would have nothing to blow up. CTs would have nothing to hide behind. Crates are fantastic when used right. And in so many years, no one has come up with anything to replace crates totally.

You might like to know that in my new as_ map, crates are kept to the bare minimum… no wooden crates in view at all, only 3 or 4 military style ammo crates.

58. Jonnagon asks: Since you are one of the experts at this, do you have any tips on how to create a map with good gameplay?

Try to cater for all styles of gameplay. Dust has the snipery underpass, while it also has the close-quarters combat hallway. And when your offense/defense in those areas breaks down, you can easily go back and take up positions which also have the same appeal.

And flow - that’s always a good thing to have. And a few spawn points… perhaps some buyzones? Light is often a godsend…

59. Hitman asks: Hey Dave, would you ever consider mapping for another MOD (Firearms, TFC)?

TFC…. Hmmm.

60. id asks: Any thoughts on de_fort or de_chemlab? (go read my posts).

Thoughts? Me think? God no.

61. id asks: Why are so many CS maps from British map makers (You, Barney, uh… well, I’m sure there’s loads more but I can’t remember their names)? Do you think we have a natural gift for level design, or it it just that we can’t afford to actually play the games so we have to resign ourselves to making maps?

There aren’t THAT many British mappers… in fact, I often think about how FEW there are. Me and Barney are just two. the chances of us both being in the same project with few mappers is above the average percentage of UK mappers per mod project I’d imagine.

I think the fact that we can’t afford to spend all day on the ‘net (due to phone charges) means we have to resort to more creative methods of flexing our brains. For some of us that involves watching mind-numbing spirit-crushing gameshows on TV (5 points if you can guess where that quote came from), whereas for people like myself, I design stuff - from webpages to maps to… erm, webpages. I also program a bit.

62. Mazy asks: What do you think about the leveldesign in SiN BTW?

SiN level design… well, the most I’ve ever played of SiN is the demo, and a bit of the full game on a friends PC. From what I can remember, I really loved the design back then… but looking at it now, it seems really ‘blockish’ and simple. But certainly, it has an amazing script language (from what I hear), and the chopper sequence at the beginning was rather cool, the way it made use of this scripting ability.

63. bushjumper asks: im a little surprised no one asked this yet, but WTF is cobble named de_cbble? did you forget to buy a vowel?

I simply fit Cobble into de_cbble to keep with the 8.3 filename format - ie, 8 chars up to the ‘.’, and then 3 letters afterwards, bsp. It just makes things easier for various people, and its such an easy thing to do, its worth it.

64. Alf-Life asks: Oh, and ohw do you make objects flap in the wind like flags, etc…

You could make a .mdl… that’s usually the best way of making flapping things, since moving entities lag the server client bond (like trains).

65. Sp@nky asks: Cobble is layed out in a very similar fashion to Dust, pa_fact was like a sub-section of Dust (with an interior room added) and castle looks to share some of the same flat (no overlapping 3D spaces.. allon one plane) with the ramps and stairs Dust design as well (although not to the same degree). Isn’t it time for a change?

Hmm, one of the most intelligent questions so far!

However, there are a couple of points. First, I realise you can’t really judge Castle, since you haven’t played it, but it actually does have some very high altitude points… well, one or two For example, the entrance to the castle can have snipers about 50ft about you, and T’s have to climb the side of the castle at the beginning of each round. It’s certainly more vertical than most of my maps.

I thik the main reason why my maps are usually so flat, is my Doom-past… I spent LOADS of time making levels with that game, and I still haven’t forgot how to use the tools either.

However, giving my maps more height is something I’m trying to do… I need to get my head around it. It’s not like its difficult, but its just a case of me getting into making more prominent vertical spaces.

66. bushjumper asks: you said dust came about because you saw some screens of TF2 and wanted a map that looked like that…well, i saw some screens of TF2 recently, and some of them looked kinda like cobble. is this a coincedence?

TF2 maps looking like Cobble? That’s odd… I didn’t Cobble on any TF2 shots I’ve seen. Probably coincidence if you can see any connection between them. I imagine you saw the ‘village’ shots of TF2, which I think only share the wobbly rooftile brushes, and some chimneys.

67. Kawe asks: so what’s better with WC than Quark?

Since 3.3 now supports rotation-locking on textures, it is clearly far more superior than QuArK for my uses. Other people may have different needs, and in some cases QuArK may be more suitable. Personally, WC 3.3 suits me better. With 2.1, I only ever needed QuArK to rotate stuff.

68. spud asks: What do you think of de_dawn? Are you pissed or flattered that other people have tried to improve on dust?

de_dawn is cool… a few of the changes I’m not too sure about, in particular the arches aren’t quite as 3D as the originals, but it’s otherwise a good copy of the original. Although, I was given the impression when Bargle first emailed me that we was making a Dust-STYLE map…

69. spud asks: Even with the CT’s spawn points moved back in 6.5 a lot of people feel that it is suicide to play dust as a T. I believe the added real estate in de_dawn was intended to address this problem. Comments?

With 6.5, T’s can easily reach site A within a few seconds of the round starting… It’s now about speed and prevention for the counter-terrorists. I’ve found in my own experience that the map is harder for the CTs now… Ts certainly don’t face a suicidal end provided they use teamwork - which IS possible on public servers, amazingly.

70. Namron asks: You where talking about making a nightime version of cs_tire. Hmm, well. Can you please make the map dark, like it would be at >night

That’s just silly. That’d mean you’d have to buy NVG nearly every round… ouch.

71. KilaCali asks: Got a ? about the backgrounds. Are they just textures?

They’re external 2D art. Nothing like Smarties.

72. Jonnagon asks: Since you’ve used your skill and talent to make yourself a prominent figure in gaming, can you give the rest of us tips on how to “break into” the gaming industry?

Well, I haven’t actually ‘broken into the gaming industry’ per se, I’m still at home, employed only though contractual work. Still, get good at what you do, find a decent place to ‘advertise’ your work, be it through a website, or for example, having maps in a popular mod like CS. Then follow it from there - good thing is, it requires little effort on your part. Companies come to you :)

73. Jonnagon asks: What was the initial impetus for your desire to design 3d environments?

I was one of the Lego generation. It’s a natural progression from that.

74. Jonnagon asks: What is your formal education?

I’m in the UK, so this may mean nothing. I’ve got 10 GCSEs (done at High School) ranging from A - C, 5 being A’s :)

At the moment I’m in my first year of Sixth Form (kinda like college), studying 5 A-Levels - Maths, Further Maths, Physics, English Lit, and General Studies. Those courses will end this time next year.

75. ]A[-Lazer asks: Dont you think m&ms is better than smarties?

No no no no no! Argh! Stop asking me! Sob sob.

76. MEEEEDIC asks: Don’t you ever have moments of doubt that what you’re doing isn’t really productive or useful for anyone?

Well, I’m sure I do while at school, lessons which seem to be going nowhere, completely bored out of my already aching head. But I know I’m provided part of entertainment to people, along with the other creators of the game, and its the fact I’m actually helping people live through their lives which keeps me going. I enjoy it, they enjoy it, it’s all good. If games pulled us away form important games, the industry wouldn’t be as powerful, effective, and as exciting as it is today.

77. MEEEEDIC asks: How much time do you spend on mapping?

If schoolwork means work out of school (ie, homework), I maps loads more. But the fact I do 6 hours of school each weekday means I only have mornings, afternoons, and weekends to fit in 30hours of mapping, which although feasible, I have to eat, sleep, and do other things besides mapping. Still, I’m probably getting there.

78. MEEEEDIC asks: Do you enjoy playing your own maps?

If the people I’m playing with aren’t losers, I love playing my own maps… and watching how differently people interpret them in terms of style and gameplay. There are loads of things people have done in maps by myself, such as methods of attack and defense that I could never have predicted. That’s the fun part (as I’m sure you know yourself).

79. Kawe asks: Wich is your fav. homepage? ( Please.. don’t say “mine” )

My ego isn’t THAT big - I won’t say mine is the best homepage ever - ;-)

I’m not too sure… depends if you use the word homepage or webpage. If the latter, probably the BBC News website -

If it has to be the former, I really have no idea.

80. [SiG]Kamikaze asks: Whow do I convert a .rmf file to a .map file if every time i use worldcraft to do it it crashes and saves it as a blank document! magical smarties are funny…

I dunno.

81. Baal asks: how many maps have you started but stopped because of the thought that no one would like it?

Too too too too too many to count. 90% of my maps are started and ever finished. Over 5 years, thats a lot.

82. daKoops asks: For your released maps estimate (guess-timate?) how much time you spent mapping them.

Dust - a couple of weeks to get in a finished, playable state - but that includes development. I could recreate the map in a day, since the routes style and scale is all there. It’s development that takes time - some of the early versions of Dust were hilarious.

83. SOOPRcow asks: My Question is why dont you have [your editing tutorialss] posted on your page?

Ooh, articles by me! You’ve done a good bit of research there. I dunno why I haven’t mentioned them anywhere… perhaps I should.

84. SOOPRcow asks: How well do you work with Story lines. Do you change the story line often?

I don’t work with storylines, as any player with experience of ETC will tell you.

85. SOOPRcow asks: Do you plan on making anymore “style guides” for all the nice people out there?

Hmm, perhaps.

86. SOOPRcow asks: How easy is it working with MacMan when it comes down to making textures for your maps?

Very easy. His experience in making textures makes it much easier for the mapper, and the fact he maps himself makes it even better.

87. SOOPRcow asks: Do you think Brew is Evil?

Yes, but- oh, rhetorical question. Sorry.

88. Dacky asks: Why did you pa_fact so small?

Well, I thought it’d be cool to have a smaller map - I know small lan parties (with like, 3 or 4 PCs - small) don’t have much of a time on the large CS maps, so a smaller map would be a great option.

89. Dacky asks: When will the new version of cs_tire be out?

When I finalise it.

90. Dacky asks: What feeling is it making the most played FPS map in the world?

It’s… amazing. I’m staggered. Can’t really say much else.

91. Dacky asks: Which companies offered you jobs ? C?mon tell us something !!!PLEASE!!!!

I really can’t say.

92. Dacky asks: Which colour of smarties do you prefer? (BTW I like green )

Blue ones, usually.

93. Dacky asks: How did you discover the force of smarties?

Through the use of some coins, I inserted them into some shopkeeper, who prompty peeled them out of his belly, into that odd machine thing, and threw smarties back at me.

94. Dacky asks: WTF are there so many double posts?

Cos the server prefers to timeout instead of sending you the the ‘thanks for posting’ page…

95. Raziel asks: Have you considered “boarding up” the inside of the last door from the T spawn to the big balcony area?

Well, I’ve considered it, but that door is just far too important for both teams. One door I have blocked up though is the balcony area inside the building, with the clock some skilled people could jump onto. It gave the T’s too much of an advantage in that area, but I might unblock it again in another future revision.

96. FatboyTim asks: I noticed on the CLQ that de_dust had been the site of almost 7 million frags in the last two weeks alone… How does it feel to be responsible for so much slaughter?

Well, it’s quite cool to think that in the last 24hours I have effectively killed 1/2 million people. Certainly, I’m one of the few people that can say ‘I killed 7million people last week’, and have that sort of backup to prove it. Of course, I’m really just responsible for the arena people played in… still, it’s cool.

97. FatboyTim asks: Are there any extra entities that as a mapper you would like Gooseman to add to Counter-Strike? (and if so, what would they be?)

Hmm… I’m sure there are loads, but I can’t think of any right now. Probably, if there was a way to emit smoke in a similar way to how the SG(G?)’s do, or perhaps make fire that was just as cool, I’d love that. But then, that takes a lot of work, and I’d rather Gooseman take the time out to add more weapons and so forth to the game.

98. Lacos asks: Are you planning of releasing a summary of the questions asked here, counting on how many percent of the questions are about Smarties(tm), and releasing it on your homepage?

I’m seriously considering it, yah.

99. Kawe asks: How many windows do you have in the room that you’re currently sitting in?

Just 8. I have three panes, in the window to the right, then I have Win98 on here, Win98 on there, Win98, 95 and NT4 on CD down there. That makes eight.

100. Kawe asks: Is this question #100?

It’s the 100th numbered question, yes. You’ll notice some more minor questions haven’t been numbered.