So, Casbah was proceeding nicely (actually, “mideast” was, because it wouldn’t be named Casbah until much later.) My blue-team spawn area had branched out into a couple of small paths, one leading to some courtyard area, and the other leading to… some other courtyard area. Terrific stuff. All I needed now was a few more courtyards, the spawn area for the red-team, and my masterpiece would be complete.

This is where it started getting heavy.

The problem with courtyards is that they’re just that - courtyards. In this case they were simply connected by a few connecting hallways which would turn a little (to get around visibility problems) and then open out into another courtyard. Trouble is, you can only do this so much before one courtyard looks like another, and the tunnels between them look like each other, and before you know it, you’re completely lost in Courtyard’n’Tunnel Land.

No worries though. I know my way around, just. Players will learn it pretty quickly, I mean, it’s a simple little map! Ok, so it stretches all the way from one side of the area in Worldcraft to the other, and consists of twice as many brushes as my CS maps, but this is a TFC map. It needs the additional size and complexity of 4,000 brushes. I have to show my mapping skills for my first commercial outing!

This continued… and continued. More and more.

Courtyards and tunnels.


I present to you… MIDEAST.BSP!

Mideast overview

Oh dear.

To be continued…