Wow, what an amazing (and varied) response to the announcement of de_dust_pcg! It’s good to hear that people still remember me and are so excited about the map. It’s also good to hear that lots of people want me to work on making new and original maps, rather than rehashing ideas from 5 years ago.

I should probably explain a little… de_dust_pcg was built for several reasons.

The first and most prominent was to get me back into mapping, particularly into Source. Creating a map that I’m used to creating, one that has a very defined theme, lets me learn about the technical processes of Source. I’ve done that for every game I’ve ever designed for. I’ve always taken an existing part of the game and tried to customise or replicate it, to get an understanding of theme and semantics.

Secondly, it gives me a chance to share the process and help educate others too. I love level design, so I like to see other people trying it, if they enjoy it. Dust PCG was created alongside two tutorials for PC Gamer UK, which go from explaining the basics up to the more advanced CS:S-specifics.

Thirdly, because the mix of the above two not only helps me, but it helps other budding mappers, and also brings additional content for the game.

Note I wasn’t bribed to make the map. It was my own decision - PC Gamer did not force it upon me. My task was to write two tutorials for them, which I did, and made a map alongside it, which turned out to be another Dust.

Speaking of which, thanks again to PC Gamer. Thanks particularly to Mark Sutherns for the whole thing, and the associated PCG team and Tom Francis for playtesting feedback. Everyone should be relieved to hear that Dust PCG is not branded like Dust 2 is in CS 1.6 (at one point, there were huge PCG banners, but PCG insisted they were removed in favour of something more subtle…)

I love reading what people have been saying about the announcement. From the people who thought it was called Dust 3, to the people who then thought it was Dust 1 and 2 combined into a single map, to the people who then presumed that 1+2=3 hence the name, to those who think it was leaked weeks ago (who were really playing one of two custom Dust3 maps I had nothing to do with), to those who bought any of the non-UK editions of PC Gamer and got angry they couldn’t find the map, to those who want me to be tossed in a blender, to those who mistakenly believe I am the creator of Cool Edit, to those who hate Dust, to those who love Dust, to those who want me to be more original and those who want me to continue the Dust series into triple figures for ever and ever and ever. Thanks to all of you. It’s been very entertaining indeed - I plan to make a longer post with some edited highlights.

Fear not. I will be making non-Dust maps. Through the power of magic, witchcraft and sorcery, I plan to spend a lot of time making new things. Wonderful things. Happy things.

Dust PCG will be available on Thursday, when PC Gamer is out (in the UK). If you’re not in the UK or can’t afford a copy, don’t worry. If you want the map, you’ll no doubt be able to get it. If you want the tutorials, you’ll have to buy the magazine. If you can’t decide what you want, just go buy the mag anyway. It’s good! (and I’ve been reading it for many years thankyou very much)