This is the bit where we end.

Over 100 or so posts, and that’s all from me… it seems blogging about level design isn’t quite as easy as I hoped it would be. That said, it’s been great fun.

It also demonstrated to myself how difficult it is to convey certain level design principles and practises. Finding words and diagrams proved far trickier than I imagined. I guess that stuff is best learnt through practise, analysis and experience, rather than on some measly webpage by someone who really should be working on maps rather than blogging about them.

Thanks everyone who visited, left inane or even inspired comments, sent me screenshots to laugh at, and even let me ridicule them. I hope at least some of my ramblings were a little useful, and if not, well, then I hope you didn’t waste too much time reading them, and ta for not pointing out my numerous spellin and grammatical and errers. Whatever you came here for, I hope it served you well.

Feel free to take anything posted on the blog and use it however you wish. Translate, copy’n’paste, embellish… do whatever you want. Credit me (and contributers) if you like, but please don’t claim it as your own. This blog and all posts will remain up as long as I can keep them here.