Did quite a bit of work on pa_fact this weekend, including making the inside a lot warmer, making the outside a lot colder, and completely removing a couple of bits so I can redo them properly. I’m trying to get a real cold winter and foggy feeling into it now. I’ve also frigged the ladders to the building loft with a non-ideal solution but the best so far…

Unfortunately the fog isn’t that obvious in these shots, except for the skybox. Ideally the fog would be more controllable and less linear. I did try changing the fog start value to some reasonably large negative number, which did make it look a lot thicker, but the problem is that washes out any black in the picture with the colour of the fog instead. Bringing the fog end value in closer made the interior look too foggy and the exteriors look too enclosed.

Fact screenshot

The tweaked skybox is quite obvious in this one due to the silhouette of one of the buildings in the distance. That shouldn’t happen - the skybox shouldn’t have the highlight and instead it should be matching the fog perfectly. Easy to fix though! (for the curious, ‘nofog’ was changed to 0 on the skybox VMTs to get that effect)

There’s quite a harsh shadow on the building in the centre of the picture. Clearly, on a foggy night, this wouldn’t happen (light is very diffused) so I’ll probably be taking the sunlight value right down near 0… we’ll see how that goes.

Fact screenshot

No idea when I’m going to finish it because I’m (selfishly) enjoying working on it too much. I’m really mean.