Ok, this should be fun.

I want people to do is send me screenshots. Send me a couple of screenshots from your map, maybe of an area you’re proud of, or an area you’re not. An area you’re unsure of, or something you feel is so unique and amazing that the second I see it, my head will kerplode in delight.

What I’m going to do is as many as I can (if I get any), and for each, post the screenshot here along with a paragraph or two of ideas, suggestions, praise, criticisms and pictures of me kerploding in delight. Then everyone in the comments can remind me how mean I am. Everyone wins!

Send JPEG screenshots (I will ignore all BSPs) to me at website at johnsto dot co dot uk and once I’ve got a decent number I’ll get my writing hat on.

This could all go horribly horribly wrong…

…but that’s half the fun!