Time for a short lesson on how to release a map in complete and final form. This is of course entirely unrelated to any map I may have made recently.

Always ensure you have enabled the right visgroups. In particular, check that your visgroup with all your clipping brushes - which stop players from being able to jump to areas they shouldn’t get to - is enabled. You never know when players will hop from rocks, to crate, to rooftop, then post about it on all the major forums. Ensure your overlays match up tidely, particularly where brushes join, maybe at slightly different angles. You may find this happens in an area with lots of sniping, maybe with a bomb site too. Always compile your map properly. Give it a full compile, with all settings on full. Only idiots click the wrong button, do an onlyents compile, and end up with servers flashing the ‘This map is not final!! Needs to be rebuilt without -keepstalezip and without -onlyents’ message. Check that your map fulfills all the criteria for a good, complete, playable map, prior to labelling it ‘final’ and giving it to a magazine to publish on thousands of pressed CDs. Only a smelly person would make the mistake of not thoroughly checking their work before having it published.

Of course, I’d never make any or all of the above mistakes.

(Yes, an updated version will be released. Also, I’m an idiot.)