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Level Design

A plethora of level-design related texts and pieces from my brain.


I've made a bunch of maps in my time. Too many, really.

The Making Of...

This series looks back into the making of my two most popular maps, Dust and Dust 2, and a look at how they did post-release. Sienna contains a more detailed look at the design process, including all the twists and turns along the way.

My Blog (deceased)

For over a year I maintained a blog devoted to various aspects of game and level design. My aim was to share my (mostly invented) logic, preach some common-sense, and identify where modders were getting things wrong, knowing that they might just listen to 'the Dust guy.' Whilst the blog is now finished, it is archived in its entirety here.

Some of the more notable posts on the blog include:


Map Walkthroughs

These walkthroughs were written by Mike S. Nowostawsky, hint guides for completing my two single-player missions for Half-Life.